PE to Plett Performance

We are incredibly proud of Angus Teeton and Patrige Chimwendo who represented 3Rivers Trails at the recent Prudential PE Plett!

PE to Plett was the pair’s first ever stage race and what a success it was. Not only did they race hard, they remained positive and continued to show their passion for the sport.

Here’s what they had to say about the 4 day stage race:

Patrige Chimwendo:
Being a part of the PE to Plett was truly an incredible experience. It gave me the opportunity to gain a better understanding into the cycling world and the hard work that goes into becoming a professional athlete. This motivated me to work even harder towards achieving my goals.

Throughout the race, we received unbelievable support from our fellow cyclists, met amazing people and made friendships that will last a lifetime.


Angus Teeton:
PE to Plett was such an amazing experience! I’m so glad that after years of knowing about the event and being involved in various ways I was finally able to race it.

The riding itself was incredible! Technically interesting roads and trail leading through beautiful places meant that every day’s ride was fun filled and interesting. I love riding hard and we gave it our absolute all out there.

The event also just had the most comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, getting to make new friends on and off the bike was such a joy and I’m so greatful for everyone who contributed to make this the most enjoyable four days!!

Although Patrige and Angus had technical issues on each stage, they managed to fight their way to the end and finished 18th overall and 3rd in their category. We look forward to seeing these two race together again 🏆


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