3Rivers Trails is a Non-Profit, registered Public Benefit Organisation,  which is dedicated to bringing quality mountain biking, running and hiking trails to the greater Thornhill region – a rural region approximately 40 kilometres to the west of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The trail network has been in operation for seven years with trails being built and maintained on the properties of Woodridge College, Crossways Farm Village, Bluegums Farm and Longmore Forest. This network was managed by 3Rivers Trails, a partnership of local landowners up until the formation of 3Rivers Trails Non-Profit Company (from herein 3Rivers) in June 2020. Once the Non-Profit Company was formed, responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the existing network was handed over with an extended mandate to further develop the trails in the area.

At present 3Rivers operates approximately 200 km of marked trail, with approximately 60 km of this being purpose-built single track which can be accessed from its trailhead located at Crossways Country Kitchen.

3Rivers aims to develop world class mountain biking, running, hiking and adventure trails in the greater Thornhill region. It hopes to achieve this through co-operation with the surrounding landowners and community in a way which ensures the sustainable and responsible growth. Thus, benefiting the local community and economy by providing employment opportunities, skills development and increased tourism to the region.

To date 3Rivers has constructed and maintained its trail network independently of any external funding and has managed to remain financially independent and stable since its inception. This is a significant achievement given the relatively small mountain biking community in the region when compared to other major centres within South Africa. The primary reason for 3Rivers stability and success has been the voluntary work done by the management group who have dedicated a significant amount of time, effort and passion to oversee the growth of 3Rivers.


3Rivers is a large contributor to the mountain biking community in Port Elizabeth and annually hosts the Longmore Classic and PE-to-Plett mountain bike races as well as several other smaller events. Located at the foot of the Longmore mountains, 3Rivers is the only trail network in the area which provides access to significant levels of elevation and access to mountainous terrain required to develop quality mountain bikers. The access to the MTO gravel road network provides riders with safe, secure, long-distance routes away from high levels of vehicle activity making it the ideal training ground for marathon athletes.

3Rivers also serves as an important economic stimulator for the greater Thornhill region with the trail network attracting approximately 7,000 day visitors to the area in 2021. This has created valuable traffic for restaurants (in particular Crossways Country Kitchen) and accommodation businesses in the area. The trails have also created employment opportunities, with four permanent full-time trail staff being employed, one permanent part-time employee and several temporary employments to assist with trail construction.