New Extension to the Yellow Monkey

3Rivers has just added a new trail with a loop running alongside the Van Stadens offering up stunning views of the old railway bridge, the gorge, wild flower reserve and the N2 Van Stadens bridge. The loops adds approximately 3 kilometres to the Yellow Monkey and, like the rest of the Yellow Monkey, is suitable to all levels of rider. It was built specifically to provide users with a chance enjoy some of beautiful natural scenery that the Eastern Cape has in abundance but which for the most part seems to fly under the radar.

The trail branches off about halfway on the top yellow, with riders turning left off the main trail and entering into gently undulating single track running along the gorge and offering several places to stop and admire the view. The most dramatic of these probably being on the most southerly point on the trail where you can look across the gorge and admire the engineering ingenuity of the Van Stadens Bridge which looms 130 metres above the river.