Introducing Reckless Rodeo

3Rivers recently opened its first machine-built flow trail in February – aptly named Reckless Rodeo. Built and designed by Rene Demesaux, the trail starts at the top of Purple Cow and winds its way to the bottom of the Ox Wagon Climb. Reckless Rodeo offers a fun filled and challenging ride for all levels of riders.

The bulk of the earth moving was done by a 3.5 tonne excavator, with a team of local labourer’s cleaning and shaping behind the machine. Approximately 400 metres in length with 40 meters of decent, Reckless Rodeo is packed full of berms and rollers – which less skilled riders can easily roll, better riders can pump to gain speed and those proficient in the air can choose to double or even triple to gain an advantage.

The trail has received high praise from the riders and here’s what a few of them have to say:

Gus Teeton:

My favourite aspect of the flow line is the quick succession of big, smooth berms. Linking up turn after turn and feeling that change in momentum is so much fun and instils confidence for other berms and corners around the rest of the trails.

Marco Joubert:

What I love most about 3Rivers Trails jump line is the element of flow. The closest trail I could compare this to is the flow of the famous ‘Gspot’ trail in Stellenbosch.

Reckless Rodeo is a bit more technical though. You have to get your speed right, either you nail the section and feel like you’re riding on a cloud or you’ll end up casing every jump and find yourself pedalling more than jumping.

This trail is perfect for every level of rider.

Karla Stumpf:

The jump line flows, is fast and probably has the nicest berms in South Africa, with a spectacular view as a bonus. Reckless Rodeo is suitable for all levels of riders as the jumps are rollable, but if you’re looking for something more advanced you can jump them.

In other words: Reckless Rodeo is awesome!

The morning silence in the mountain is now often broken by whooping riders as they toboggan down the hill.
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