Unveiling the Marvelous Bridge atop Purple Cow: Enhancing Flow and Uniting Trails

We are thrilled to announce the completion of a remarkable project that will undoubtedly revolutionize the riding experience at the top of Purple Cow. Arch Contracting has successfully built an awe-inspiring bridge at the pinnacle of Purple Cow, serving as a rabbit hole that seamlessly connects two incredible trails: Reckless Rodeo (the flow line) and Purple Cow. This engineering marvel promises to elevate your riding adventures to new heights and enhance the overall flow of the trail.

A Leap Towards Better Flow:
Picture yourself gliding effortlessly through the vibrant landscape of Purple Cow, where every twist and turn ignites the thrill of adventure. With the introduction of the newly constructed bridge, riders can now savor an even smoother journey. This ingeniously designed structure offers a direct route to Reckless Rodeo, allowing riders to explore the exhilarating flow line beneath the bridge’s arch. Additionally, the bridge opens up a gateway to Purple Cow, enabling riders to soar above it and dive into the myriad challenges it presents. Say goodbye to awkward transitions and embrace a seamless and fluid riding experience like never before!

Heartfelt Thanks to Our Sponsors:
We are immensely grateful to the multiple sponsors whose unwavering support propelled this project from vision to reality. Their commitment to providing enthusiasts with unparalleled experiences has been instrumental in making the bridge a tangible reality. To our sponsors:

  • Robbie’s Bicycle Concept
  • Coimbra Cycle Centre
  • Santa Cruz Bicycles
  • 100 Percent
  • Rhino Plastics
  • Elize Wessels – Remax
  • Arch Contracting
  • Stu Davidson and Sons
  • Cape Tiles Jeffreys Bay
  • On Tap Jeffreys Bay

We extend our heartfelt thanks for their support.

See you on the trails!


Bridge at 3Rivers Trails

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