2020 Membership

If you are riding more than once a month at 3Rivers Trails you should consider getting an annual membership. Not only does it give you access to all of our trails but you also get to ride from sunrise to sunset 365 days a year and you get 15% discount at the Crossways Country Kitchen for sit down meals.

Daily permit

Adult riders/ trail runners – R50 / R30  (pp)
Under 12 riders/trail runners – R25 / R20 (pp)

Daily permits are obtained at the honesty boxes situated at the information huts at Crossways Country Kitchen or JBay Bike Park. Simply fill in  your details in the permit book and pay your money into the honesty box.

Annual membership

Mountain Biking

  • Adult – R990 per year
  • Pensioner (65 years and older) – R 700
  • Spouse – R 700
  • Family – R 1950 (parents + kids of same family)

Trail Running

  • Adult – R 650
  • Spouse – R 500

All membership are paid pro rata according the month in which a permit is applied. Please see table below for pro rata rates. All memberships will need to renewed by the 1st March 2021.

Month  MTB Annual Membership Spouse MTB Annual Membership Pensioner MTB Annual Membership Family MTB Annual Membership Running Annual Membership Running Spouse Annual Membership
Jan-2020 R990,00 R700,00 R700,00 R1 950,00 R650,00 R500,00
Feb-2020 R990,00 R700,00 R700,00 R1 950,00 R650,00 R500,00
Mar-2020 R910,00 R640,00 R640,00 R1 790,00 R595,00 R460,00
Apr-2020 R825,00 R585,00 R585,00 R1 625,00 R540,00 R415,00
May-2020 R745,00 R525,00 R525,00 R1 465,00 R490,00 R375,00
Jun-2020 R660,00 R465,00 R465,00 R1 300,00 R435,00 R335,00
Jul-2020 R580,00 R410,00 R410,00 R1 140,00 R380,00 R290,00
Aug-2020 R495,00 R350,00 R350,00 R975,00 R325,00 R250,00
Sep-2020 R415,00 R290,00 R290,00 R815,00 R270,00 R210,00
Oct-2020 R330,00 R235,00 R235,00 R650,00 R215,00 R165,00
Nov-2020 R250,00 R175,00 R175,00 R490,00 R165,00 R125,00
Dec-2020 R250,00 R175,00 R175,00 R490,00 R165,00 R125,00
Jan-2021 R250,00 R175,00 R175,00 R490,00 R165,00 R125,00
Feb-2021 R250,00 R175,00 R175,00 R490,00 R165,00 R125,00

How to proceed? 

1. Click on the link bellow and complete the form
2. Email Proof of payment: info@3riverstrails.co.za
3. Reference on transaction please
4. EFT/Deposit to: 3Rivers Trails – Bike Park; Bank : First National Bank (FNB) ACC; Branch 210515; Account Number: 62583296192

Please deposit same day as you do your application! EFT only!


Start saving money & buy an annual permit!